Monday, December 1, 2014

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Kiska's Husqvarna 401 Concept

Behind The Design: Kiska's Husqvarna 401 Concept Platform

To the general motorcycling community the name Kiska may not ring any bells, at least not with the familiarity of names like KTM, Husqvarna, and Triumph.  Yet these manufacturers all owe ate least a portion if not the majority of their brand DNA to the Austrian design consultancy. To the design community the name Kiska carries the highest prowess. The 25 year old company is known for some of the most progressive forms in transportation design, producing stunning vehicles like the KTM X-BowSuper Duke R and Opel RAD electric bike. You may have seen their most recent two-wheeled concept popping up across the moto-ether, the 401-Platform for Husqvarna. The 401 is offered in Svit-Pilen (white arrow) and Svart-Pilen (black arrow) trim packages. Svit-Pilen being a squeaky clean street prepped machine, and Svart-Pilen, the knobby off-road variant. 
Here's a look behind the design; a peak into the process and conceptual sketches that influenced the final aesthetic directions.  

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