Monday, February 4, 2013

PROJECT SR250: Assembly Part 1

I've started eating back into Kara's build, the '81 Yamaha SR250. My shop classes started back up again and the access to a TIG has really helped things progress at a quicker rate.

I love the logos and typefaces on these old machines I find around the shop floor.

Joe and I went through the frame cleaning up all the MIG welds that were done at the garage using the TIG torch. Much prettier now. A TIG will definitely be my next big investment.

After smoothing everything out the frame came back home for the next phase: Rd. 1 assembly. I'll be getting everything installed and dialed in so that we can start her up and go for a test ride. After everything checks out it will all be torn down again and sent off to paint / finishing.

I spent some time cleaning out the CD175 tank and sealing it with Kreem. It's my first time using this stuff so we'll see how it holds up. The process was relatively simple. There are still a lot of loose ends to round up but this week should yield a good amount of progress. I'll keep the updates flowing as I get time but don't forget to follow the build via instagram and FB as well!


  1. That speedo is slick, who makes it? Is it wire?

    1. It's driven by the stock cable. They come in different ratios.

    2. its a drag specialties. check the ratio of your bike, i think it uses an M12 mounting thread on the speedo end.

  2. Looks amazing. Keep going please!

  3. I was wondering what ratio of speedo you used for your bike, I have a SR250 too but I am not sure what the ratio is.