Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GEAR: Deus Perforated Riding Gloves

Perforated Leather Riding Gloves

"There is no doubting the quality, premium materials and attention to detail that kept us coming back to Harold's Gear. A staple for any rider, the gloves have been part of our go-to gear for as long as we can remember.
The unfortunate discontinuation of Harold's Gear gloves marks both the end of an era and a new beginning to the tradition of quality Japanese riding gear.
We are honoured to announce our continuation of the Harold's Gear legacy, working directly with the Japan factory to re-release three of the Harold's Gear favourites under the Deus marque.
Re-introducing the Gripping, Perforated Driver and Belted gloves. All three styles offered in two colours, handcrafted in Japan from 100% Napa cowhide leather."


  1. The combination of inside & outside seams is a good look for a great reason. I can't say I dig the velcro though; makes me want to think up a new timeless fastening method.

    1. I would normally agree with your comment on the velcro, however my current gloves have a buttoned closure and all I can think about is what that would feel like when pressed against the pavement. Said new timeless fastening method would need to be soft and quick as well. Drawstrings?

  2. All riding gloves should have external seam on the palm side of the fingers. I have one pair like that and they just feel so much better with my hands wrapped around the grips.

  3. I dig them, my only issue is no knuckle padding for impact. But they look so sweet its worth not having the padding.