Monday, January 28, 2013

DAILY INSPIRATION: Extemporae's 1994 Suzuki DR650

1994 Suzuki DR650

I'm on a minimalist adventure kick lately. This one's just right.

Full article at BikeEXIF.

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  1. I saw this over on bikeexif yesterday and thought it looked great. I came back to it later in the day, though, and things started to annoy me. The taillight and license plate bracket seem tacked on and spoil the lines, and the brake reservoir is perched precariously high atop the handlebars - I wonder if there's some functional reason it has to be so high. And now, just looking at it again, the front fender is so close to the front tire that it might make all terrain travel difficult - I love the size but think there could be just a bit more space, maybe using the angle of the cylinder or front of the frame as a starting point. I love most everything else on the bike, and reminds me of riding trails with my Dad on his green Elsinore.