Tuesday, August 28, 2012

THE POSTMAN: NY to SF on a 110cc Postie

I had the pleasure of hanging with Nathan Millward last night as he passed through Chicago. Nathan's currently on a trip from New York to San Francisco with his 110cc AU postal bike, named Dot. 

We grabbed some beers at Handlebar in Chicago and talked about his travels, and fears of American hatchet murderers attacking him in the night like in the moving pictures.

Afterwards we cruised to Montrose Beach to catch a midnight view of the skyline.

Nathan made friends with a local authority who was curious about Dot and where she came from. He was fascinated to find out she was only a few years old. And even more so when he was informed she already had something around 30k miles on her and had traveled through 4 continents. It turned out we were there after hours, but utilizing his savvy accent and Capt. America helmet, Nathan was able to swoon the officer into not caring.

 I asked Nathan what his life plans were, and if he would continue to travel the world. His response was that traveling and seeing new places is great but you always need somewhere to come home to. Life on the road doesn't allow that luxury. 
Nathan starts a new job back home in October, marketing and following the adventures of other Honda riders around the world.

Nathan's previous 23,000 mile trip from Sydney to London on Dot was an exciting excursion to follow. If you missed it, no worries, as it's all recalled in his book, The Long Ride Home.

You can follow Nathan's trip updates on his Facebook. 

 Safe travels man!

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  1. He really should be worried about crazy american snipers, not hatchet murderers. He has a freakin' target drawn on is helmet!