Friday, December 16, 2011


In only a few weeks, I'll be headed back to Chicago, which means project SR250 will be fully underway. My aim for this build is to take on more of the previously outsourced work myself. This means having a better outfitted garage. I moved in only a few months before leaving for Germany, so when I get back I have a list of tools and machinery that I'll be looking to acquire. My main focus will be towards metal manipulation.

And so the list begins...

Mig Welder. Can't do much fabrication without one of these.

Pipe bender, for exhaust and frame bends.

I picked up a compressor, so now I'll need a media blaster.

Mini HVLP spray gun, for some in-house paint work.

A couple different size vice/anvils are a must.

A whole bunch of these guys.

Live in the IL area? Have anything you're willing to part with? Shoot me an e-mail or comment below. I'd love to take things off your hands.

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