Thursday, July 14, 2011

SHORT FILM: depth of speed - jdm legends

The Depth of Speed videos produced by HBTV and Josh Clason may be the best motorsport themed short film series to date.
Featured in this video is JDM Legends - a Japanese classic sports car importation and restoration shop based in North Salt Lake, UT.

The Hakosuka GTR is in my top 2 most ideal vehicles I must own bracket. I went through a short phase of thinking I could afford one of these cars, and discussed attaining one with Eric over at JDM Legends a few months back. What I found out, is that they're actually much more attainable then you would think. JDM Legends doesn't solely import Skylines either. They frequently fly overseas to car shop in Japan, and can find you your 70's Japanese dream car, straight down to color and options if you'd like. They also deal with all the necessary paperwork to legally importing the car in the US. Registering the vehicle in your state is something you'll have to look into, but luckily, most states deem 70's cars exempt from all restrictions.

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