Friday, July 1, 2011

DAILY INSPIRATION: deus' oddjob sr500

Now this is totally my style, and probably my favorite bike to roll off their floor in a long time.
The Deus ex Machina's "Oddjob" Yamaha SR542 packs all kinds of punch, and screams free-range-hoonage.

FCR 39 Carb
Brembo 4 pot
Tracker bars
Daytona gauges
Custom GF seat and tank
Blueprinted SR542 single, Carillo Rod
Yamaha factory Mags
Dunlop K180 Dirt track rubber

1 comment:

  1. This bike is so cool. I'll hopefully be getting a 81 cx500c soon, and have been thinking about how it would look to make a street tracker out of it. I'm not sure how it could be done.. What are your thoughts? -Jedd (pm me,