Thursday, June 30, 2011

PROJECT CX: ride by

Mods vs. Rockers Chicago 2011
Photos courtesy of Dustin at Maybe Tomorrow


  1. This is gorgeous. I have a Honda Sabre disassembled in my garage. Excellent choice w/ wheel & tire combo.

  2. Good Job !
    I'm having the same projeCXt.
    I hope i'll make a bike cool like your's.

  3. Hey nice bike! I have a cb400t I'm basically doing the same thing to, or trying anyways. So this is kind of lame, but what kind of shoes are those? I like em and have been looking for a pair like that.

  4. Thanks for the kind words folks.

    Boots are these:

  5. Very very nice work Dave! I love the color!

    Jim in Holland

  6. Hey man,
    I've got a cx500 to (79 custom) that i've finally got running and am starting to shape up into a cafe. Got tuned onto this site through the Choppercharles CX500 tech help site (which has been amazing for taking a guy with little mechanical experience and teaching him how to rebuild a broken down bike). Your site has been great for ideas and inspiration for my next phase. Anyway, thanks. This site is awesome.
    -ben in athens

  7. I blogged the top image of this post last month. I've only just found its origin today.

    I have to say mate, this is the coolest bike I have ever seen and its made me completely fall in love with these types of bikes! Its got me inspired to build my own in the future.

    Awesome work
    – Dan, UK

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  9. Hey man where did you get your seat/rear fender? DId you fabricate the fender?