Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RE: OH SH!T @ the thunderdrome

This past weekend, we nearly avoided a wreck while a bike came flying out of the Thunderdrome in Detroit.

Turns out, the guy piloting the bike had a camera on the handlebars!

That'd be me and the girlfriend on the left, and our friend John Conner on the right, nearly escaping the wrath of the mini-bike.

The rider, who will remain nameless, has expressed his sincere apology for what almost happened. No grudges held on this side - it was all in good fun and everyone had a great time.


  1. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I want some video!!

  2. Hahaha well I guess someone got video of it.. just didn't think it was the guy who was on the bike!


    here you go i was thinking about making another one but at full speed during the close call.