Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PROJECT CX: the seat returns and the profile takes shape

The completed seat is now back in my possession as of last night. I've been reading up and teaching myself how to properly go through every project I'm tackling with the bike, but when it came to the seat I knew my fabrication skills are just not up to snuff. And my upholstery skills... non existent.

This is where Tony of Analog Motorcycles and Art of Rod's Designs came in. Both shops are located in Gurnee, IL. Tony handled all the fabrication work of the seat pan and frame modification, while Art crafted the upholstery. I can say I'm 100% pleased with the way it all came out. It fits snug like OEM and the seat has just the right amount of padding.

I finally had all the items needed to mock up the bike's profile last night, so I put all the pieces in place to get an overall visual of her. As shown, I think I'd like to lower the headlight mounts a bit so they're more in line with the tank. I'm pleased with the way the seat hugs the CX's kinked frame and fills up that void. The side covers should pick up and continue that lower line of the tank nicely. Those are next on the list. I'm also looking for a good set of turn signals to mount at the ends of the seat frame to finish up that area.

Next up is some carb cleaning, and sending the wheels out to get powder coated. I'll probably start stripping the tank as well and get it ready for paint.


  1. What exactly did they do when they modified the frame for the new seat?

  2. About how much was the cost of the custom seat?

  3. I was wondering the same. Love the work you did on this project! I plan on starting my own CX project soon and would love a seat like this.

  4. Really like the seat. Hoping to get one done for mine too. How much did it end up costing?