Thursday, May 26, 2011

ART&DESIGN: designers x triumph motorcycles

This blog will be diversifying itself a bit from now on, to include more motorcycle inspired art and design work. To kick it off, here's a great article I've been meaning to post up.

Designers at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in the UK teamed up with Triumph Motorcycles on a project to create products out of motorcycle components. Designers were given the task to single out parts and pieces from the motorcycle, and rebirth them in interesting ways to perform new tasks. Below is some real top-notch student work, and should be inspiration to all you young designers out there. Do your project models look this good? ...I know mine didn't.

"Turntable" by Richard Underhill

"Scales" by John Doherty

"Bowls" by Wa Ya-Lin

"Omni-Bang" by Chang Sung-Ching

"Coffee table" by Zhan Cheng

"Cutlery" by I-Chen Yang

"Hat Stand" by Elena Matyas

"Corkscrew" by Nick Orme