Friday, March 18, 2011

SHORT FILM: adam cramer, craftsman.

As a relative youth (25), I can understand Adam Cramer's opinion on the slow decline of the craftsman. It's easy to take that position when the image of technology-engulfed-youth's is so in your face these days.  However I don't feel it is as diminished as he portrays it. I believe the need to wrench is an inherent trait. Some people are genetically predisposed to getting that tingle up their spine when hearing an engine roar to life, and preferring the smell of Fluids and Fumes, to Fresh Linen and Lilacs.

You can develop a relationship with a vehicle. It's the imperfect characteristics - the choking idle, the burps of the exhaust, the limp of a blown shock, and the give out of a maxed tire that make it 9/10's human. To most people it's just an Erector Set of metal, rubber and glass - but to those that were born to see the soul in the machine, it's just not something you can ignore.

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