Thursday, March 17, 2011

PROJECT CX: tire choices, rd.2

Unfortunately, I fell in love with the Maxxis DTR-1's too soon. Looks like I shouldn't have let my wall down so prematurely, because I found out they don't come in an 18". Le sigh.

Alas, it's the Dunlop K70's to the rescue. The images of Untitled Motorcycle's R80 up on Bike EXIF have sold me on them. Click the links to get the full story. I'll just provide you with some pin-ups. 
Hello rebound.


  1. They're pretty good looking tires.
    Did you go with the stock tire sizes?
    110/90/18 (rear)
    100/90/19 (front)

  2. how are you liking these tires? can you give brief review? Thinking about getting a set.