Tuesday, March 29, 2011

EVENT: ton-up chicago mods vs. rockers

The guys at Ton Up Chicago have released the dates for their annual Mods vs. Rockers  rally here in Chicago. 

For my friends and I, it's the summer of the motorcycle. Many of us have been talking about building one for 2+ years. As of now 4 have recently made their first 2-wheeled purchase.

Keep an eye on this thread for photo updates on all our builds. We'll see what happens when a bunch of designers and photographers get their hands dirty in the garage. The end goal will be June 17+18 at the Ton Up rally.

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  1. I should have some update shots and what not for you this weekend man! I'm hoping I can peddle these fenders/original muffler for the going rate on eBay. $350 would bring the budget back to being reasonable!!