Monday, June 9, 2014

DAILY INSPIRATION: Lindsay Bodanza's 1978 Honda CX500

1978 Honda CX500
Built by Lindsay Bodanza and Bryan Dawley
Partial photos by Lana Macnaughton.

The Honda CX500 has a lot to offer for the money, you just need to coax it out of it's terribly awkward shell. If you were to ask most riders to put a price tag on a "bullet proof, water cooled, shaft driven transverse V-Twin" you'd likely get figures in the Moto-Guzzi range. For those who can spot the swan in goose-down these bikes can be a great foundation to build from and had for roughly their weight in scrap. I picked up my donor for just $700, in running condition, with 3 rubber made bins filled with spare parts. Up until about a week ago I thought that was a great deal. Lindsay and Bryan slapped that thought in the mouth after picking up their CX500 specimen for just $275! I'm not even sure that would get you a plastic, Chinese, 'No. You-build-it', bicycle from Wal-Mart. They may have a future as contractual Craigslist-whisperers. Craigslist-whisperers that have the ability to turn their super-thrift bounty into super-rad machinery. Here's the scoop from Lindsay on how this stunning CX came to be.

"My boyfriend Bryan Dawley is a Product Designer and started building the CX in his garage with the intention of selling it. Since it was a side project he did for fun it took the better part of a year to complete. I spent many a weekend with him down in the garage helping him with the fabrication work, welding or grinding bits and pieces off of the metal frame. I didn't see his end vision for the bike and initially thought it was ugly. During those months I became interested in riding a motorcycle myself and eventually bought a 1966 Honda S90 as a starter bike. Within a week, I wanted more CC's. It was around that time that we finally had the CX wired with a fiberglass seat pan installed and fired her up for the first time. The engine sounded amazing and I took it for a spin down the 101 in Encinitas and fell in love. Dawley knew from the moment I pulled back into the garage with a smile from ear to ear that he wasn't going to be selling the bike. From that point on I became more involved and interested in all of the finishing details. When Christmas rolled around that year, the bike was finished and Dawley surprised me with the title and key wrapped up in a Christmas box. It's hands down the best gift I ever got from a man."

"The bike is now up in LA and without fail, every time I ride it someone stops and asks what make and model it is, or comments on how mean and badass it looks. A lot of people think it's a Moto Guzzi at first glance.  Regardless of the attention it gets, the bike will always have a special place in my heart." 
- New front end, brakes and electrical
- Chopped and capped subframe
- Firestone Champion Deluxe tires (Lindsay's planning to swap these out for some dual-sport tires soon)
- Dual gauges - speedo and tach
- New CDI box to make it run.
- Built battery box and relocated under engine
- Relocated all electronics into pan under seat frame
- Gazi Shocks, 14 in eye to eye
- Deluxe tank found on eBay. Painted it Land Rover Coniston Green
- Rebuilt carbs
- Ground all tabs off frame
- Laid up fiberglass seat pan and had a custom seat upholstered
- Fabricated headlight mount to run 6in. vintage light 

Lindsay's part of the all girl rider group - Venice Vixens.
Follow them on Instagram: @VeniceVixens