Monday, August 26, 2013

DAILY INSPIRATION: 1982 Honda CM450 by Wrench Tech Racing

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys and their show stealing CM450 at this year's Chicago Mods vs. Rockers event. It pleased me even more to find out they're also located here in the city. The Wrench Tech duo walked away with the Best Modern Japanese award, which may have been due to the amount of upgraded parts borrowed from modern day sport bikes. This bike is mean, outfitted, and stunningly well proportioned. It was hands down my favorite bike at the show and I can't wait to see more rolling out of this shop.
1982 Honda CM450

Owner: Andrew Krumtinger & Lou Dalgaard
Year/Make/Model: 1982 Honda CM450

Fabrication: Wrench Tech Racing
Assembly: Wrench Tech Racing
Build time: 5 Months
Engine: Stock CM450
Carburetion: Rejetted Stock Carbs
Exhaust: Custom stainless high pipes into a custom aluminum muffler
Forks: Honda CBR929
Rear Shock: R1 shock with CBR1000 spring
Front wheel: Honda CBR929
Rear wheel: Suzuki GS500F
Front Tire: Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 120/70ZR17
Rear Tire: Bridgestone BT003 140/70ZR17
Front Brake: Honda CBR929
Rear Brake: Suzuki GS500F
Fuel Tank: Honda CB360
Headlight: Custom LED light housed inside a vintage tractor light housing
Hand Controls: Honda CBR929
Handgrips: Granturismo GT
Foot Controls: Suzuki GS500F
Footpegs: Speed Dealer Customs  Yamaha XS650 Foot Pegs
Painter: Wrench Tech Racing
Upholstery: Jessie Milton
Powder coat: In-house


  1. All your work its perfect!!!´nice headlight :D

  2. I love everything about this bike. So much attitude.

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  4. Amazing! Just picked up a stock CM450C and came here looking for inspiration. Definitely found some