Friday, August 10, 2012

PROJECT SR250: Making an Assembly Table

After attempting to roughly assemble the SR250 on the floor of my garage, and then again on a standing work bench, I quickly realized my need for an assembly table. Companies like Harbor Freight offer cheap hydraulic options, like this, but it's still $420 and in all reality, I'm probably not going to need the hydraulic function very often.

Instead, I decided to build my own and came across this DIY. I ran out to Home Depot and picked up the lumber, screws, and some eyelet tie-down hooks for about $70. I then grabbed this $20 wheel chuck from HF.

Cutting and assembly probably took a total of 4 hours.

And there's the finished product. Not bad for $90. You can see the tie-down hooks inserted into the 4x4 legs for strength. The $20 wheel chuck works fine with a couple tie downs, just don't expect it to hold your bike up on it's own. HF does have one that will do just that for a higher price.

The table stands 30" tall and it's a great height for both standing and sitting work. Now that I had an adequate surface, I started roughly assembling the SR250. I'm doing this to check clearances, plan out a spot for the battery box, and start planning out the new wiring harness.

After that, it'll get torn back down and everything will be getting it's final finishes.


  1. Bike is looking dreamy, good sir.

  2. I was surprised by the size of the tires when you first posted them in the last set, but I really like how they work - I picture it being kind of rough and tumble. Good work!

  3. I built one that worked out nicely as well.. You can see it here.