Thursday, March 29, 2012

DAILY INSPIRATION: Ellaspede 007 - 2001 Suzuki GS500

2001 Suzuki GS500

The second custom to roll out of the doors at Ellaspede is this 2001 Suzuki GS500. You may remember the name from their first build, appropriately named "001" '71 Honda CB350. 

What happened to numbers 002-006, you might ask, as I did.
Leo Yip, co-founder of Ellaspede explains that this is the first customer build the shop has taken on. Numbers 001-006 are all on going personal projects. You can find a bit more about those on their site.

This bike in particular was built for Tristan Schultz, "a local Gold Coast designer."

Here's the word from Ellaspede,

Tristan rode in on a fairly pedestrian looking GS500 boasting a custom dolphin sticker. Armed with an array of inspirational images and strong idea of what he wanted we sat down and collaborated to create Ellaspede’s 007. The design intent of 007 was to develop a classic looking bike with the reliability of a modern motorcycle. Tristan specified that he wanted to retain certain aspects of the GS500 and not completely reinvent the wheel, so we tried to highlight particular elements and pare back others. 

Some of the the bike’s features are a custom Ellaspede seat, slim down dash lights and a very meaty sounding exhaust. 
 More photos on the build process can be seen here, on their blog.
And don't forget to check out their web store for some cool apparel.


  1. how did u shorten the back? looks amazing!

  2. i would like to know how difficult was putting the new seat on it and if it is any seat in particular?.. I also have gs 500 and putting just a different seat could really improve both the looks and the comfort, i think. thx )