Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sorry to my mom, and the few close friends that follow this blog, for the lack of posts lately.
I've been very busy buttoning up the CX and getting her ready for the Ton Up Chicago: Mods vs. Rockers show next weekend. I've also been busy riding her around any spare chance I get.

Today it's raining, thus, you get an update.

She's at about 90% right now. Still working on the front fender, tail light wiring, and a bunch of other odds and ends. I will say though, she's an absolute blast to ride...even if it's just stop sign to stop sign, in this thrill-robbing-planned-grid of a city lay out.

Only one shot for now. When she's all buttoned up I'll do a full shoot and write up.


  1. Fantastic.
    Congratulations for your job.
    Now you have a new follower.

    From RCR

  2. WICKED !!!!!

    absolutely the best bike I've ever seen!

    clean, vintage and endless badass

    best regards from Germany

  3. JUst fantasticomente! I'm thinking about building my own bike and I need some help from a pro. I wonder how much it costed you to build this bike and how long time did it take?