Saturday, May 7, 2011

PROJECT CX: exhaust

I spent today working on the bike. Most of it was really spent driving out to the suburbs to drop the wheels off for powder coating, but the rest was spent on the exhaust.

I picked up a MAC 2 into 1 system. They're a huge weight savings. The stock CX comes with 2 pipes, into a very heavy H-pipe, 2 pipes out, and two mufflers. Since the MAC system is a 2-1, that means no H-pipe and only 1 muffler. I also removed the baffle after hearing what this system sounds like without it (not my bike.)


Fresh out of the can, it's nice and glossy but...

...soon after the wrinkle texture sets in.

The VHT stuff is a high heat paint, made specifically for manifolds and other heat intensive parts. It can withstand up to 350°F and is said to be very durable.

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