Thursday, October 13, 2016

ART&DESIGN: Huge Moto's MONO RACR Concept

A motor-up concept bike by Huge Moto, designed around a Honda CBR 1000cc powerplant.

Bill Webb and the team at Huge Moto (the passion project of Huge Design, SF) have been working on an evolution of their original Honda CBR street fighter kit. Part by part the concept was formed around Honda's CBR1000 motor. In the design world this stage would be considered the "design release"; the point at which engineering is on-boarded to work through the structure and functionality of the concept. It's the concept car stage, used to generate interest in pursuing production. Huge is doing just that, putting their concept out there in search for a partner to help with back-end development. The frame and single sided swingarm are shown in carbon fiber, a process that's still being formulated by even the big sticker Moto GP teams. In that sense some concessions may need to be made but Bill describes the concept as being "80 percent real." 
"We tried as much as possible to learn from existing bikes and not re-invent the wheel on every component. Once we had a frame design we liked, we started laying out everything as efficiently and intelligently as possible."
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