Monday, July 25, 2016

MERCH: The Shop Rag Shirt - Godspeed Co.

The Shop Rag Shirt

With 5 years of development under it's leather backed buttons the Shop Rag Shirt is the magnum opus of Godspeed Company. Owners Chris and Allan cut the fat, trimming everything they disliked about men's shirts and distilling the goodness into it's details. In partnership with the Merrow Sewing Machine Co. Godspeed utilized their MG-3DR sewing machine to produce the "Merrowed edge", an over-locking edge found on the iconic red shop rag. It's a fitted slim cut that won't leave you feeling boxed out like Shaquille*. (*sports!) 
Will you actually wear a $175 shirt while sliding under your bike on the garage floor trying to find your drain plug? No, probably not, but you can throw a few of the age old shop rags in with your order. They sell those too.

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