Thursday, February 7, 2013

EVENT: Chicago International Motorcycle Show - Feb 8-10th

The good folks at Iron & Air and Ton Up Chicago will be accommodating the CX500 and SR250 builds in their booth at this weekend's Chicago International Motorcycle Show.

The SR250 build still has a lot of work to be done but I've pieced her together as much as possible for the show. Here's a little preview:

Come by the booth and you can grab a Bubble Wheel Tee for $25. For those of you not attending the show, I've put the shirts on sale for $25 shipped until Sunday - anywhere in the world!

Order yours here: Moto-Mucci Webstore.

Also feel free to grab some of these hand stamped cards I made. My palm's killing me, so enjoy! I'll throw some in with shirt orders this weekend. Cheers! -Dave


  1. I bet it's easier to motivate yourself to put all your tools away when you know you're probably going to be doing several impromptu photo shoots. That shot of the bike is money.

  2. Where did you put the battery box?