Monday, February 13, 2012

PROJECT R65: Running Issues Realized

Carl Cepress, a designer friend of mine behind Chicago Product Development, recently brought in his '83 BMW R65. The bike had been having starting issues for the past few months and needed more thorough diagnostics then could be done in his outdoor parking spot.

After a few tests we were able to verify that the engine was turning over properly and the plugs were providing spark to the cylinders. That only leaves fuel. We replaced the fuel filter and verified that fuel was getting to the carbs. What we found, was fuel wasn't getting to the cylinder. Blasting carb cleaner directly into the intake wasn't even causing a blip of firing hope.

We pulled the carb bowls, which revealed what looked to be a rusty 3 week old latte. The carbs would need a long relaxing chemical bath, so we started the cleaning and rebuild process.

Grande Latte.

Shiny sparkling passages will hopefully make this Bimmer fire up again. ...then we can start taking it apart.

Follow the progress on the R65 build by clicking the tab at the top of the page.


  1. What chemical do you use for cleaning carbs and jets?

    1. Multiple processes: Chem-Dip (shown above) for the bodies, Ultrasonic cleaner with Simple Green HD for everything, and CLR for all the brass.