Thursday, November 3, 2011


1978 Honda CM185T

Newest to roll off the Classified Moto garage floor is this CM 185T.
The intent behind the build was to design a bike that is inviting to a beginning rider. That rider being Christina Cairo, a friend of John's through the advertising world.

The outcome interests me quite a bit. Like Classified's CM, the '81 SR250 I'll be designing will also be for a beginning rider. I like that there are no distractions. The bike has been brought back to it's most simple form. No gauges or readouts flashing at you. All the concentration is focused on where you're going and the scenery around you. It's a point I'd like to carry over into the SR build. Oh, and that nickel plating is straight gorgeous.
Read up on all the details over at Pipeburn.

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