Monday, October 3, 2011

PROJECT CX: Setting Up The Gararge


As stated before, I recently moved into a newer, less thefty, garage. Space in this city is scarce, so I always end up having to rent the space I need a ways away from home. Roughly 5 miles this time. In Chicago time, this takes about 30-40min to get to. 

I've been spending my weekends setting everything up and trying to organize a more legit work space. I recently put up a ton of lighting and, just, wow. Having a very well lit garage makes your quality of garage-life sky rocket. No more incandescent bulbs and shop lights.

It made me happy, so I shot a few pictures of the bike through the mounds of boxes and parts I'm still organizing.

I've still yet to give the bike a full and proper shoot / write up. I'm planning on doing all this as soon as the garage is situated. Having a decent camera at my disposal has been great.


  1. That place is lust worthy. A nice fat vintage shop bench with a clean work surface would be money. It might be hard to move but it'd make your life way easier. Also this.

  2. Ian, the work bench is already in the I'm beefing up a solid wood desk I've had for years, so it'll be able to take hammer blows and the such.

    I'd love to get a lift too. That's down the line a bit. I may just make my own out of wood for the time being.

  3. I have that same craftsman air compressor.