Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GEAR: Deus Saddle Bags

Deus ex Machina has released some shots of their new saddle bags. With the tracker style 2-up seat I've got on the CX, that eliminated the stock compartment in the tail, I'm constantly in a struggle for finding the room to carry even the bare essentials. Taking the bike on a long trip means layering a backpack over my already winter-thick Belstaff jacket. This combo in the 90 degree summer heat leaves me wishing I had just taken the car.

I've looked into getting saddle bags before, or even magnetic tank bags, but the only real options out there are the Back-to-school-nylon-backpack-with-graphics look, or the bedazzled-leather-I-wear-a-bandana-for-a-helmet look. These Deus bags are the perfect blend of modern vintage functionality that I'd be proud to drape over my seat. Oh, and they also double as a backpack so you can take them with you.

$TBA - Keep an eye on the Deus store.


  1. Holy crap, I wish I had designed these. So cool

  2. I am dying because these still don't seem to be for sale anywhere. Farmers Racer bags look good but I'm concerned they're too small. Also $$$.