Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SHORT FILM: professional

This video nearly brought a tear to my eye. The steady decline of the craftsman is always a depressing storyline for me to swallow. I sit here behind my desk every day, sketching on a Cintique or creating things in CAD, but a part of me is always back at the garage. Sadly that part of me is constantly neglected, yet it's just as much a passion of mine as being an industrial designer. I often feel guilty for not spending more time educating myself in hand crafted arts. It's something I know I'd be good at...there's just only so much time in a day.

I'm going to repost a write up of this video I found on Knucklebuster, because I thought a very valid point was made:
"I saw this video and like many of you, was inspired. My visceral reaction was “teach me, I want to do that”. Then I went over to the vimeo page and started reading through the comments, and the majority of folks are talking about how well shot it is (which is very true) and how good the lighting is, what camera or lenses were used and what a great “story” it is (again, true), etc. etc. More talk about the filming than the actual subject matter - made me think of Mike Rowe’s testimony. How this new medium is elevated (nothing wrong with that) while disregarding the past in some sort of antiquated way. There is no celebration of the metal working, the craftsman, the guy who makes physical things using his hands and skills. Dozens of posts regarding the film making, and very little in regards to being inspired to go pick up a torch and make something. No surprise of course, but it makes me angry and disappointed every time."

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