Monday, May 9, 2011

PROJECT CX: gas tank strip and prep

I spent my post work hours tonight stripping and prepping the tank for paint. It had both it's original paint job and a rattle can flat black job on top of that. Nothing some Aircraft Stripper couldn't take care of.

After the stripper took effect, I used a combination of wire brush and putty knife to get most of the mass off. I then went over it with some 180 grit sand paper and shot it with etch primer.

It looks like it's about time to commit to a color.


  1. Pretty clean! did you have to coat the inside of the tank?

  2. I left the cap on the whole time, even through paint. Then flushed it with mineral spirits afterwards just in case. It looked pretty clean inside already. No rust as far as I could tell. Unfortunately this one would be dented by an SUV a few weeks later.

  3. I need to make one of those lazy susans right there. I like that a lot. I would love to see it w/o the tank on.

  4. how did you undercoat after the wire brush?

    by the way, your CX500 looks awesome and inspires me for my own CX500 build.