Friday, March 8, 2013

PROJECT SR250: Exhaust Heat Shield

Last week I started making a new exhaust hanger / heat shield combo for the SR250. Here's Part 2 of that project - the heat shield portion.

The diameter of the muffler is 2.5" so I picked up a section of 3" exhaust piping at a local auto parts store. I started by cutting the pipe to the desired length and then cutting the pipe in half the long way to make it more manageable.

The exhaust is mounted in a parallel fashion to the direction of the bike, however the hanger bracket made previously mounts at an angle. This meant I had to weld in a bridge from the hanger to the new heat shield.

After roughing in the desired shape in Sharpie I cut it out, finished the edge on the bench grinder and tacked the shield to the hanger plate.
The above result is how she sits thus far. I'll be taking the piece with me to my welding class where I can finish it off on the TIG. I will also be adding mounting holes (seen in marker above) and welding some threaded bungs to the muffler itself to accept the bolts. More to come soon!

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  1. That's surprisingly close to what I had in my head.